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PowerTrain Technology, Inc.

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Hydro-MAX Drop-in
Hydraulic Release Bearing

Button Flywheels

4.5" Racing Clutch

PowerTrain Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of multi-disc racing clutches and premium driveline components for racing and performance automotive applications. All of PTT's products are designed using computer aided engineering & design. Our products are manufactured to aerospace quality tolerances, and are truly state-of-the-art.

PTT's goal is to offer state-of-the-art auto racing driveline parts at a reasonable price. These are the kind of parts that you will be proud to have on your race car. The kind of parts that help you gain an advantage over your competition. Parts that have race winning reliability engineered into them and will get you to the winners circle time after time.

Tri-MAX Bolt-in
Hydraulic Release

5.5" Racing Clutch


7.25" Racing Clutch

Mitsubishi Flywheel

Reverse Starter
Mount Bellhousing

PowerTrain Technology is the exclusive clutch supplier for:

Formula SCCA
Toyota Racing NZ

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