PowerTrain Technology (PTT), part of the Wharton Automotive Group with McLeod Racing, FTI Converters, and Silver Sport Transmissions, offers a complete line of automotive racing driveline products that deliver a competitive advantage. PTT's lightweight line of open style clutches in 4.5", 5.5", & 7.25" diameters are available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 disc configurations. They feature good linear engagement, good friction life and a positive feel. All PTT products are designed on the latest state-of-the-art CAD system. PTT has in-house test capabilities that allow a wide range of clutch and drivetrain system development.

PTT's product offerings include a Chevy SB-V8 reverse starter mount bellhousing in aluminum, standard and reverse mount starters, button style and lightweight flywheels, and hydraulic release bearings. PTT also manufactures custom made flywheels and other drivetrain components. PTT is adding and refining new cutting edge products all the time.

Involute gear and spline design is a niche specialty at PTT. Properly designed gears transmit power in a very efficient manner with minimal parasitic losses. Properly designed involute gear teeth also provide superior strength. All of PTT's geared products feature high strength tooth forms to give you the advantage you seek on the race track.

PTT was formed in 2002 by Steve Fox. Steve has over 35 years of experience in the racing industry. His passion for racing goes back many years. Steve began working on cars at age 11, was drag racing by age 16, and achieved a great deal of notoriety while honing his mechanical skills.

While employed as a CNC machinist at a local machine shop he quickly moved up to managing their CNC department. At the same time he put himself through college at night, majoring in mechanical engineering. His background in auto racing, CNC machining and mechanical engineering gave him a unique set of skills that ultimately played a significant role in his future endeavors.

In 1984 Steve signed on with Quarter Master Industries (QM) to oversee manufacturing. Less than a year later he implemented QM's first CAD system (AutoCad). Steve used this new tool to springboard QM into a new era of product design and manufacturability. By 1990 he was responsible for engineering, product design and manufacturing. He oversaw the design and development of their clutches, flywheels, bellhousings, driveshafts, and all other products. In Steve's sixteen year tenure with QM, he was involved with almost every aspect of the business from the shop floor, to business systems, and design engineering. As of August 2001, all products in the QM catalog were designed and developed by him.

In March 2002 Steve saw an opportunity to further advance racing clutch design and formed PowerTrain Technology. PTT was established as an engineering and manufacturing based company, dedicated to exceeding customer needs. PTT is dedicated to designing, engineering and manufacturing cutting edge, racing driveline components. All of the products are designed to give our customers the competitive edge they need - at a competitive price. PTT will carry out its mission using whatever tools are necessary to keep it at the forefront of engineering excellence and manufacturing quality, backed up by good old fashioned integrity.

To put it simply: PTT builds racing drivetrain parts that are second to none. Listening to our customers and giving them what they ask for is what drives this company to excellence!