What makes a PTT clutch better than the competition?

Competitive Edge​:

Highly Engineered = Extreme Levels of Performance (Strength AND Light Weight); Ease of Use; Quality; Dependability. These are the terms that have come to be associated with products from PowerTrain Technology.


Low Moment of Inertia (MOI):

Critical weight is removed from the largest diameters of rotating parts, where it reduces MOI the most. Low MOI means more of your engine's horsepower gets to the drive wheels. This results in Quicker Acceleration; Increased Engine Braking under deceleration; Easier on Brakes; and (potentially) better fuel economy.



Fits into a smaller work envelope due to improved design and flush mounted fasteners. Approximately .250” shorter overall than other competitors' similar clutches.


Better control:

Optimized clutch cover design, translates to lower pedal effort, better modulation or drivability and better clutch control.


Cooler running:

Open housing design means improved cooling and dust evacuation.


Better balance:

Power-V clutch cover leg design offers a level of performance that is superior to other competitor's designs. Power-V makes the clutch components self-centering and therefore self-balancing under load.


Proprietary friction materials:

State-of-the-art clutch friction materials feature smoother engagement and longer life.



PTT clutch discs are ground to an extremely fine surface finish. This eliminates the need for any bedding-in, and reduces excessive wear when new.



All PTT Clutches positively locate with a stepped flywheel register. This results in improved actuation, and improved balance.



CNC machined to very tight tolerances using state-of-the-art machines, materials, and finishes.